Margaret Hay

Margaret Hay Kore Private Wealth
Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

“Ratesheet + [fill in the blank].” All the KORE team starts their day reading an email from Margaret with a subject line often filled with substantive information about the fixed income markets – and humor. Depending on how much coffee you’ve drunk at that point, you may not even notice the subtle jokes woven into the daily insights she provides on the bond market and rate dynamics. This email usually comes across our inboxes by 7:30 a.m., after she’s already commuted, with a likely Yoga session squeezed in prior.

Margaret’s love, passion and devotion to the bond markets it unquestionable. A sleepy asset class to some is the caffeine to others like Margaret. Her 30+ years’ experience in the municipal bond markets makes her uniquely positioned to source, evaluate and position municipal bonds on behalf of Kore clients. She has had experience in various roles within the municipal bond market, culminating in a unique perch from which she observes and actively participates in the municipal markets. Her role as a portfolio manager within our Municipal Bond business allows her to not only build and manage our clients’ portfolios but also serve as a tremendous resource for education on the space and general trends within the market. A multi-paragraph, multi-chart email to our clients asking a question about their portfolio is table stakes for Margaret’s communication style, always coupled with wry humor and humility.

Margaret enjoys and excels in a wide variety athletics, transcending from early team and individual sports in high school and college, to combined mind/body workouts with friends and family. While she still lives in Connecticut, she has a wonderful anchor in NYC since her daughter’s recent matriculation to NYU.

T: 212-321-4230

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