Andrea Zilli, CFA

Andrea Zilli Kore Private Wealth
Director of Research/Senior Portfolio Manager

“Andrea Zilli, nice to meet you.” Those six words, as a simple opening at many daily meetings, tell you more than Andrea’s name. Not because of what they say but because of the way they are delivered. His delivery immediately conveys a thoughtful and worldly view as he pronounces them in an unmistakably Italian accent.

Andrea’s upbringing outside the United States during his formative years fostered a naturally curious mind about global macro-economics, a strong right foot on a pitch, and an odd love for Tom Brady and the Patriots. 

Andrea’s captaining his hometown soccer team provided many of the attributes pivotal in his shepherding Kore’s investment process, due diligence framework and implementation selection. His acute understanding of the overall goal and purpose of each game helped him recognize that winning each and every ball didn't necessarily amount to victory at the end of the season. Instead, he believed that locating and coordinating the right players in the right positions led to the most consistently positive outcome. This paradigm is analogous to his views on portfolio construction – recognizing the long-term nature of client goals and how the various components should fit together for consistent, positive results. He’s always thinking first about the macro-economic drivers and then the micro-level implementation vehicles that best-in-class investors manage. 

Andrea lives in New Jersey, where he still finds time to lace up his cleats. We all enjoy the day he brings in treats from his annual pilgrimage back to Italia.

T: 212-321-4229

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